Plethori’s ETFX: The Future of Investing

February 06, 2022


Plethori have just released the very first platform previews for their highly anticipated ETFX (ETF eXchange), scheduled for launch later this quarter.

The ETFX will revolutionize the way people trade cryptocurrency. The v1 will list a range of Plethori-designed and curated Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), enabling users to invest in a number of different baskets of popular assets. These inherently low-cost, low-risk products are now the world’s number one investment vehicle, surpassing the global AUM of their mutual fund cousins in mid 2021.


ETFX Features:

  • Buy, Sell and Create Crypto-ETF Tokens
  • Sleek, Professional and Intuitive UI
  • Pro Charting Tools
  • Advanced Leaderboard and Rewards
  • NFT Gallery and Auction-house
  • Create and Customize your Account
  • Build your Network via the Plethori Social Platform
  • View ETF Trading & Player Stats
  • Arbitrage Trading via Creation and Redemption Mechanisms

Plethori’s ETFX will be the first crypto-ETF exchange where users can not only trade a variety of powerful crypto-ETFs, but also design their very own ETFs.

About Plethori

Plethori is a Crypto ETF creation and trading protocol that allows users to invest in a wide range of Crypto ETFs comprising assets from sectors driving the crypto space. Plethori’s ETFX provides the framework for users to create and manage customized ETFs, earning a percentage of the transaction fees each time their fund is traded.

Offering the world’s most popular financial product within an innovative and gamified platform, Plethori are focused on facilitating mass adoption and accelerating the decentralization of the global economy.

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