Plethori Announces Plans for a Metaverse ETF

January 19, 2022


A new age is dawning. We are entering the age of the Metaverse. The profound advancements within the tech and gaming industry have now given rise to a whole new world, quite literally. A digital world, where individuals and businesses interact, play, transact and thrive.

Recognizing this fundamental paradigm shift, Plethori has announced that the next ETF in their range will be focused on the booming Metaverse industry. Their METF will comprise a selection of native crypto tokens tied to the most prominent players in the arena, providing investors with a low-risk, low-cost, and instantly diversified portfolio of powerful Metaverse cryptocurrencies — an essential weapon in every contemporary trader’s arsenal.

he METF (as with all of Plethori’s ETF range) provides distinct advantages over other index products within the industry. Plethori is not a provider of basic index funds that merely track growth of a sector — it is much more than that. Plethori is still the one (and only) crypto project offering ‘true ETFs’ — tokenized funds that are tradable on an order book exchange.

Project selection will be based on Plethori’s strict classification criteria, and will include members from the following categories:

🔹️ Virtual Worlds: projects that develop and operate 2D and 3D Metaverse environments and worlds that enable users and businesses to explore, create, socialize and participate in a wide variety of experiences.

🔹️ Network support: projects that provide key infrastructure to the Metaverse framework and economy — including data storage, software and networking capabilities.

🔹️ Tangible: The sale and support of physical technologies and devices used to access, interact with or further develop the Metaverse.

🔹️ Metaverse tools: development tools, protocols, services and engines which serve to assist in the facilitation, creation, operation and ongoing improvements to the Metaverse.

🔹️ Payment Solutions: Projects providing payment tools enabling digital payment processes and operations, including but not limited to fiat gateways to digital currencies.

As is standard with all of Plethori’s ETFs, 5% of the METF will comprise their native PLE token. The remaining 95% will comprise the native tokens of leading projects who are key contributors to the Metaverse industry.

Full details, along with Plethori’s METF whitelist, will be made available soon via Plethori’s ETFX page.

NB: The inclusion of PLE in each of Plethori’s ETFs places constant deflationary pressure on the token supply, as well as causing sharp upwards force on the token price each time the 5% PLE is purchased by Plethori’s smart contracts on the open market.

Utility: PLE is required by users within the protocol for access to certain functions, including the ability to create one’s own ETF and whitelisting. Holding the token also provides notable discounts on Plethori’s ETFX fees.


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About Plethori

Plethori is a Crypto ETF creation and trading protocol that allows users to invest in a wide range of Crypto ETFs comprising assets from sectors driving the crypto space. Plethori’s ETFX provides the framework for users to create and manage customized ETFs, earning a percentage of the transaction fees each time their fund is traded.

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